Worldwide defenders of health

At Redoxon®, we believe nothing is more important than health. For everyone, around the world, supporting a healthy immune system is our priority.

Immune system experts

An efficient immune system is fundamental to the body’s health. We are immune support experts so everything we do is aimed at helping support people's health.

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Our mission

We're on a mission globally to support people's everyday health around the world" that’s why our Redoxon® products are specifically designed to help keep your immune system – your body’s natural protector on top form. We’ve also embarked on a far-reaching programme of community work around the globe. Its aim is to help people understand the importance of staying on top form and support them in putting this into practice.






80 years of vitamin C expertise

In 1934, Redoxon pioneered the world’s first Vitamin C supplement, and we’ve been helping people support their natural defences for over 80 years. Today Redoxon Immunity Triple Action helps to support your immunity every day.